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1 Terebyte Web Space

We provide you with the space for applications, hosting, files, music, photos etc.. with unlimited power for even the most demanding sites.

Monthly Bandwidth

You can get as popular as you dream of being and not worry about hitting limits or excess fees. No matter how big you get, we can handle it.

9 to 5 Fast Support

Our packages include email, live online chat and support ticket help from our team, so no matter what your question we will support you.

Sub Domains

Subdomains let you create memorable addresses and easy ways to access areas of your website.

Unlimited Mail Boxes

Create as many email accounts as you need. Each mailbox holds 400MB of data and can be upgraded at any time.

Webmail Inclusive

We offer the most powerful and flexible online webmail client to all our customers so reading mail remains a simple task.

Mailing Lists

You can email all your clients at the same time by creating mailing lists that can be subscribed or unsubscribed from.

Server pages

We support most programing languages so rest assured that most, if not all your coding will be supports on our servers.

Email Forwarding

There could be a few reasons why you are setting up an email forwarder. Whatever the reason we give you that option with our hosting.

Junk Mail Filters

We use special technology to strip out all the junk out of your email before you receive it, reducing your spam forever.

Virus Scanning

£30 per domain, Our AntiVirus software updates every couple of hours, so your domain is always securely protected.

Web Server Logs

The most useful tool to assist in understanding how and when your Web site pages and applications are being accessed.

AWStats Statistics

A powerful statistics package that analyzes your access logs, advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically.

Bandwidth Statistics

This shows you the amount of Bandwidth you have used for your website or online project so you can see your traffic grow.

Sitemaps Generator

We have a tool that generates a list of all your files and sends them to Google to create your website sitemap for you.

Master FTP Account

This is your master FTP account for updating files on your server. You can even set one master password for all accounts.

Additional FTP Logins

Commonly used to give other users access to your files on your server, you have full control who has access and who doesn't.

SSH Access

This lets you log directly into the web server hosting your files, for advanced users and should be used with caution.

Control Panel

A practical and versatile cPanel offering everything you need to create and manage your websites. No matter how many websites or files.

Smartphone CPanel

iPhone or Android cPanel for your mobile phone offering everything you need to create and manage your websites.

Website Security

Our default security protects your website from malicious code injections, vulnerability attacks and infections.

Website Redirect

We allow you to redirect your domain to any other website address of your choice. E.G. for traffic purposes .

Online File Manager

Use the online file manager tool to manage all your project files or web applications, download, upload, delete, update etc..

MySQL Databases

You can create unlimited Linux or Windows databases to use with any of your websites or projects that you wish to connect to.


Use this tool to handle the administration of MySQL databases over the Web, it supports a wide range of operations for MySQL.

Backup & Restore

We make it easy for you to Zip your whole website for backup and restore it when you run into any sort of trouble.

Password Protection

Password protect your Domain, Sub-Domains, websites or folders with username and password to block any unwanted access.

Cron jobs

Time-based job scheduler for users who would like to set up and maintain software environments to schedule jobs or scripts.

IP Address Blocking

Block any unwanted users from your website via there IP address preventing any unwanted behaviour on your domain.

Directory Indexing

Show the content of your websites file directory or display forbidden to prevent users for accessing them all together.

Free Resources

Youll get access to free web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and access to free images as well to use in your next web project.

Search Engine Submission

Submit your website to Google for indexing. This will help you get your website found more quickly in the google search results.

FTP Locking

This useful feature allows you to lock your FTP account when not in use to prevent any confusion when working with files.

Change Anytime

Feel free to change your hosting plan with us at any time. We can tailor your hosting needs to meet your requirements.

Dell Super Servers

We host all your applications, web projects or websites on state of the art Dell Super Servers, offering true performance and stability.

10Gb Connections

Our network is based on 10 Gigabit technology supplying you with fastest connection so your website or project will render more efficiently.

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2 fully featured packages with Linux or Windows with one click installs for your favourite Web Apps like WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, TomatoCart and much more...

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£1.49 pm

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